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"Essence Business Group not only provide property research information, but also educate their clients on how to invest and manage their individual property portfolios..."
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Sample Property of Keyways Winery Temecula, California
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We specialized in income property management and investment, and provide a total solutions approach for our clients. We have a professional team that can help our clients to select the best investment properties, and assist in buying, renovating, remarket or reselling.

We approach property investment into different stages. Our mission is to achieve our clients personal and investment goals. We work extensively with our clients to clearly and fully understand their investment objectives and interests, And direct them on specific issues such as accounting, taxes, and other constraints affecting their participation. Essence Business Group’s Service will assist our client to develop an investment real estate portfolio, so that they can achieve the highest returns and have the best outcome from their investment property.


Each property type has its own unique advantages, however, different property types perform better in some areas than others.Our mission is to help owners, buyers, developers, and all our property investors maximize their property value and it's assets. Essence professional team planned and developed investment projects from commercial property to land development. We provide a total solutions approach for estimating, management, entitlement, land portfolio estimates, scheduling, budgets evaluations, bids, contracts and more. Our services are available in wide range of property types.

Hotel Management

Vineyard & Winery

Apartment Management

Commercial Building

Senior Living Facility

Golf Course Property

Vacation Home Property

Shopping Center & Plaza

Land Development


Real estate valuations play a pivotal role in today’s business climate. A true and well supported opinion of property value can mean the difference between reaching a critical goal - securing a loan, closing a sale, reporting to investors, choosing the best asset - or failing to achieve it altogether. Our Real Estate Valuation Services provides real estate appraisals, market analyses, and feasibility studies involving a wide variety of property types.


Investment property appraisal, real estate portfolio valuations
Pre-purchase strategy & study
Real estate tax and assessment consulting
Property reconstruction analysis
Acquisition/disposition advisory services
Investment strategy for leasing property or resale property.
Advice on rent/buy scenarios
Damage and impairment analysis (condemnation, environmental, construction)
Leasehold valuations and rental studies
Cash flow considerations





1015 Fremont Ave, Suite #2
South Pasadena, CA 91030
Phone: +1 626 799 1388