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"This was my first conference with Essence. The conference was educational, but most of all the networking was top notch. I already have some follow up meetings in my calendar. Can't ask for much more!".
- Nick Jones

Sample Property of Keyways Winery Temecula, California
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1015 Fremont Ave. Suite #2
South Pasadena, CA 91030
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Regardless what level of investor you are or what your financial goals may be, Essence Investment Seminars provide a Professional & educational environment where you can find out everything you need to know about property investment & management. So if you're just starting out or are a seasoned investor with years of experience, we can help. We're integrity driven. You'll like dealing with us and learning from us.

Oct 25, 2013
Wine tasting and winery investment seminar
Location: temecula
Subject: Temecula Valley is located in Southern California on the way from Los Angeles and San Diego. The beautiful landscape and nature views embrace you. In the past year, Essence Business Group has assisted many clients with purchasing winery vacation houses and vineyards, which made the newly Chinese vacation houses and vineyards owners go up 30%. Because of the high demand, we offer our clients vacation houses and vineyards for sale. We invite you to join us for a investment road trip to Temecula.
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Nov 22, 2013
Hot Springs Land Development
Location: Desert Hot Springs
Subject: Land development has become more and more popular. It is a very profitable way of investment. This time, Essence Group is taking you to the hot springs area, looking for your gold. Hot springs is one of the most relaxing vacation amenities that people desire. Doing a land development in the vacation area will be a wise investment decision. Essence will have several lands available for showing. Seats are limited.
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Dec 22, 2014
第一集:奇威仕酒莊 華人創業投資精準
Location: Temecula, CA
Subject: 新聞鏈接: 品嚐,飲用,甚至收藏葡萄酒,已經是一種時尚,甚至是日常生活的一部分,而葡萄酒的種植與釀造,我們很少聽說有華人朋友,在美國主流營運酒莊這一部分,創術名號的。東森新聞要帶您去看看東和地產,如何在南加州知名的酒鄉Temecula,胼手胝足的打造他們的王國---奇威仕酒莊
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Jan 05, 2015
第二集:無心插柳闖出名堂 順從大自然規律
Location: Temecula, CA
Subject: 新聞鏈接: 無心插柳闖出名堂 順從大自然規律 美酒是越陳越香, 那麼葡萄酒是放得越久越好喝嗎? 答案當然是否定的, 東森新聞日前走訪了南加州特曼庫拉, 華人經營的Keyways奇威仕酒莊, 了解到葡萄酒的釀造過程, 酒莊主人的用心, 以及如何尊重大自然的規律, 這些都造就了 這一批又一批生生不息的精美佳釀. 01/05/2015 | 社區生活新聞
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Jan 18, 2015
第三集:華人酒莊投資精準 走入主流獲得認同
Location: Temecula, CA
Subject: 新聞鏈接: 東森新聞近期連續介紹了南加州華人地產商, 無心插柳, 卻一頭栽入, 經營葡萄酒莊, 苦盡甘來的故事, 當然, 故事還沒說完, 特曼庫拉酒鄉奇威仕酒莊的主人, 正積極規劃佈局的未來藍圖, 勢必將為山谷帶來一連串的大驚奇. 01/19/2015 | 社區生活新聞
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Feb 17, 2015
第四集:特曼庫拉華人僅千人 成長迅速商積極大
Location: Temecula, CA
Subject: 新聞鏈接: 所謂”獨樂樂, 不如眾樂樂!”, 東森新聞近期介紹了華人地產商, 無心插柳卻跨足經營葡萄酒莊, 在奮鬥的過程中深深體會出, 走入主流獲得認同, 一起把餅做大的重要性, 我們今天就來進一步了解一下, 這個南加州越來越紅火的酒鄉---Temecula特曼庫拉市. 02/17/2015 | 社區生活新聞
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Mar 01, 2015
第五集:經營酒莊多元投資 山谷豪華莊園潛力強
Location: Temecula, CA
Subject: 新聞鏈接: 華人朋友喜歡投資房地產, 而在酒鄉 Wine Country這幾年, 豪宅型的莊園, 值得注意, 東森新聞近期介紹的插足酒莊生意的華人地產商, 為投資人購買莊園後, 在靈活的經營管理策略下, 變成高投報率的度假屋, 怎麼做的, 我們去看看. 03/02/2015 | 社區生活新聞
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Mar 15, 2015
第六集:華人投資眼光精準 酒鄉多元發展潛力大
Location: Temecula, CA
Subject: 新聞鏈接: 東森新聞近期介紹了, 洛杉磯華人地產商到南加州酒鄉特曼庫拉, 投資酒莊的一連串奮鬥的故事, 他們不但領悟到必須融入主流一起把餅做大, 更逐步將多元精彩的觀光旅遊項目, 和酒莊業務聯繫了起來. 03/16/2015 | 社區生活新聞
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Property Inventment Seminars Features
Focus on the latest developments in the investment marketplace. It will analyze the opportunities and challenges in the real estate market; examining strategies and practices.
Learn how to own a care-free retirement investment property. Useful tips such as finding the most profitable investment property, individual cash flow valuations and more.
The event will be structured to provide many opportunities for investmentors to meet and discuss potential project development, and learn the details of new investment strategies for navigating the real estate investment markets.





1015 Fremont Ave, Suite #2
South Pasadena, CA 91030
Phone: +1 626 799 1388